SC Insider Vol. 17 Issue 01 "The Stagnaros"


Here’s the problem. We are not all the same. We are not all equal.

Equality is an ideal that intelligent, progressive people have aspired to, rationalized and advocated for . We’ve done studies of races and socio-economic demographics, all with the same conclusion.

For a couple hundred years, starting with Darwin and culminating with the assassination of MLK, we have put all of our eggs of hope in the same ideological basket.


Somewhere in the DNA of a totally random smattering of the entire human population, is the asshole gene.


The story goes something like this: Other than a few sociopaths, psychopaths, and drill sargents, We are all basically good. With the possible exceptions of the rare narcissists, megalomaniac and airport gate agent, we have a common core of civility.It is commonly taught that all people have the same capacity for learning, civility and success.

I call bullshit.

Somewhere in the DNA of a totally random smattering of the entire human population, is the asshole gene.

These degenerates, who fail to use turn signals, fart on planes, and generally ignore the impact  of their beach ball sized afro’s on their fellow moviegoers, are everywhere. Incapable of covering their mouths when they cough and willing to spend any amount of money on a car as long as it is  fire engine red with a license plate that reads BCHMGNT,  the asshole is pervasive in all communities, all countries, and i might add particularly common in all religious sects.

Child abusing Catholic? Asshole.

Jihadist Muslim? Asshole.

TV evangelist? An extreme example of the worst kind of Asshole.

Frequently, as the last three examples show, you can easily spot an A-hole in their need to self identify. If you insist on referring to your self as a white/black American you are probably a xenophobic ass-hat. Similarly, If when introduced, you hyper aggressively grasp the other person’s hand and say; “I am Peck Hersnot , Attorney at Law” or “Philip McCuter, President and CEO”  your private parking space reads “fucktard”.

When it comes to the religious, if one uses the prefix “God-fearing” there is a real good chance you are a dick. Not because having fear in God, predisposes you to dickheadedness, but rather because you feel the need to let everyone know that you do and we should.

Both of the major Political parties in the U.S> harbor assholes,without question. Hold your nose and flip through 30 seconds of cable news, and the assholery of American politics will become deafeningly apparent.  By the nature of its tenets- the Republican party is a strong proponent.

The word “smattering”, may in fact be too kind,  it actually seems to be somewhere in the order 50% that have the asshole gene. Nature or Nurture or neither, seems to be the real question.

I generally find it along party lines, but I’ve met some total dicks that didn’t vote republican.


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