SC Insider Vol. 17 Issue 01 "The Stagnaros"

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The Uber Files – Vol.1, Ride 23

Holy Crap! Now What? Life is a process, a series of defined steps with expected outcomes. College is a defined step with an expected outcome – you will get a job. We begin that academic journey in kindergarten, the place we start to learn how to identify who we are outside of the home. The […]

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The Rock on the Sidewalk – “Skateboarding & Gender Equality”

Skateboarding & Gender Equality Leticia Bufoni posed nude for the ESPN body issue. The ESPN body issue is centered around the idea that there is an element of human beauty in competitive organized sports that goes unnoticed. So, ESPN runs a magazine issue filled with athletic nudes which depict how beautiful athletics can be. However, a lot […]

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