SC Insider Vol. 17 Issue 01 "The Stagnaros"

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Skateboarding: The Rock on the Sidewalk – “Boys of Summer” and the Nineties Revival”

There has been a steady resurgence of nineties style in skateboarding recently. The VHS edits, the pale blue jeans, and the dad cap have all made their grand return to skateboarding. There’s no definite proof, but I’m going to credit Jesse Alba with the revival of nineties steeze, just take a look at how he’s […]

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SKATEBOARDING: The Rock on the Sidewalk – “The Resurrection of Industry Giants”

The Resurrection of Industry Giants Skateboarding hasn’t been around for very long, at least in comparison to biking, surfing or (god forbid) blading. Given that the history of skateboarding is so new, it makes sense that some brands have stayed relevant for damn near 20 years without so much as a hiccup in their mainstream […]

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The Rock on the Sidewalk – “Skateboarding & Gender Equality”

Skateboarding & Gender Equality Leticia Bufoni posed nude for the ESPN body issue. The ESPN body issue is centered around the idea that there is an element of human beauty in competitive organized sports that goes unnoticed. So, ESPN runs a magazine issue filled with athletic nudes which depict how beautiful athletics can be. However, a lot […]

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