SC Insider Vol. 17 Issue 01 "The Stagnaros"

Author Archive | Chris Stevens


A Criminal Record is Civil Death.

The American criminal justice system does in fact protect society from killers, assaulters, rapists, repeat DUI offenders, and those who pose a serious threat. However, it also mentally and emotionally damages people with nonviolent criminal records who pose no physical threat. It brands them as “ex-criminals,” making it extremely difficult for potentially productive citizens to […]

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Santa Cruz Local : Army Sniper Writes letter to all 535 members of Congress

Army sniper writes letter to all 535 members of Congress. March 26, 2016 Members of Congress, I am twenty-eight years old and a medically retired US Army sniper. In 2013, I was honorably discharged with a ninety percent Veterans Administration disability rating. Since I once served under your policy agendas and still maintain high respect […]

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